Wellness Treatments Center in Eugene, OR

Wellness treatments are used for much more than only to help you find relief from pain.

If you are looking for natural therapies that will help you sleep better, reduce stress, and overall improve your body, mind, and spirit in Eugene, OR; Cascade Health Center is the right place for you!

Cascade Health Center is a multidisciplinary center; we are famous in Oregon for treating car accidents and sports injuries. However, we also have numerous patients that visit us looking for ways to improve their mind and body wellness.


Wellness Treatment We Offer

Chiropractic Care:

Through chiropractic adjustments, the spine and nervous system can function better. Through chiropractic care, there’s an overall improvement of our health and wellness, as it not only helps to relieve several ailments, but it also boosts the energy and strengthens the immune system. Chiropractic sessions can also get performed in infants, children, and pregnant women.


Acupuncture originated in China. In traditional Chinese medicine, there’s the belief that acupuncture helps re-balance the energy flow of the body known as chi or qi. With small thin needles that get inserted into the skin, the nerves, connective tissue, and muscles get stimulated, helping relieve the discomfort associated with numerous health-related conditions.

Massage Therapy:

Massage therapy is a great way to release tension and feel relaxed. At Cascade Health Center, we offer a wide variety of massage services, including relaxation massage, therapeutic massage, medical massage, sports massage, and pregnancy massage. Through massage therapy, the blood circulation gets improved, recovery happens much faster, range of motion in joints increases, and overall the feeling of well-being.

Visit Cascade Health Center

Our doctors evaluate you before any procedure, and on many occasions, they might recommend a combination of treatments, depending on your condition. Some of the most common combinations with acupuncture can be chiropractic adjustments and massage therapy.

If you are looking for alternate and safe treatments to improve your mind and body wellness, don’t hesitate to get in contact with the Cascade Health Center.