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The Expert

Eugene Oregon Auto Injury Expert

At Cascade Health Center, Dr. MacDonald, a Chiropractor in Eugene Oregon, provides comprehensive treatment and support for people with auto injuries, whiplash and chronic pain. We treat the mechanical causes of pain without drugs or surgery, using Massage, Rehabilitation and Chiropractic. We provide support and information to accident victims to help them get through the claims minefield.

Most Chiropractic is performed only 15 minute sessions. Our initial consultation is over an hour, if needed. We spend more time for initial diagnoses, evaluation and explaining what's going on to patients than anyone we know.

Dr. Garreth MacDonald, Chiropractic Physician, is the auto injury specialist at Cascade Health Center in beautiful Eugene Oregon. Dr. MacDonald has a five-year science degree in Kinesiology, the science of human movement, plus a five-year course of study in Chiropractic and postgraduate studies in auto injuries; he is “Eugene's auto injury expert”.

Cascade Health Center is the first place to go for support after you've been in auto accident, whether you've experienced pain yet were not. Many injuries don't hurt at first but can create lifelong pain if they are not treated with in the first four to six weeks.

Some people who do feel pain after injury wait to come in because they hope it will go away. Sometimes it does, but it can come back, sometimes worse.

Dr. MacDonald, Eugene Chiropractor, can predict where hidden injuries may have occurred by the type of accident you are in. Dr. MacDonald, Chiropractor Eugene, provides pain relief with the negative side effects of medication because he treats the mechanical causes pain. The mechanical problem requires a mechanical solution.

Dr. MacDonald, Eugene Chiropractor, then provides a program of wellness and pain prevention. Our Center’s training in complex auto injuries makes us the most qualified Center to treat other aches and pains as well.

Many people who come to see us after first seeking other forms of treatment, asked, "Why wasn't I hear sooner?"