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Treatments for Headaches

“(I’m a) student, 27 years old and I had migraines for 15 years (since 7th grade). Throughout the years I blamed many things for my headaches, including my long hair, the sun, not enough water, hot weather, too much sugar, the stress in my life, etc. My family doctor told me that I was just very sensitive to pain and put me on three different medications, which didn’t help. I couldn’t handle the migraines anymore and called Dr. MacDonald as a ‘last resort. He fixed me and I no longer have headaches. I feel great!”
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“Our 8 year old daughter woke up one morning with a migraine headache that lasted for almost 6 months. After months of working with a pediatric neurologist, a week’s stay at the hospital, multiple medications, massage therapy, physical therapy, acupuncture and cranial sacral work, we decided to see a chiropractor. We were advised against it but didn’t see any other option. After a couple of treatments, we started seeing an improvement. We slowly took her off of the medication and continued chiropractic treatment for several months. Four days after her last pill, our daughter informed us that her headache was gone.” “We were very skeptical about using a chiropractor, but in our daughter’s case, was the only thing that relieved her pain. Needless to say, we are no longer skeptical…We are very thankful and grateful for being referred to Dr. MacDonald. He is excellent with children and puts 110% into his patients. I would highly recommend him and his treatment to my friends and family.”
T.G., Full-time Mom
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Treatments for Back Pain

“When I first arrived at Cascade Health Center (Dr. MacDonald, Eugene Chiropractor) for chiropractic treatments, I had been suffering with lower back pain in my hips and legs and severe groin pain and very hot spot in my lower abdomen for some seven years or so. My walking distance was literally to the next or closest chair, bench or whatever would support me to ease my weight off my lower back. Standing and walking would cause severe groin pain, lower back pain and it felt as if metal spikes were driven into my hips. Simply I had to sit or stand next to anything that would reduce the weight off my back. After two chiropractic treatments, the severe pain in my groin disappeared and after about my fifth treatment, the pain in my hips and the hot spot in my lower abdomen was almost completely gone. I still get the hot spot in my lower abdomen about once or twice a week but it only lasts a few seconds at most. I am sincerely happy and appreciative of the wonderful and fantastic results I have achieved in such a short time via Dr. MacDonald’s chiropractic treatments to date”
G.L. Retired Engineer
“My experience with back pain has over-shadowed my life negatively for approximately 8 years. After coming to be treated by Dr. MacDonald I have finally felt a substantial loss of back pain, which has allowed me to have a renewed zeal for life without nagging back pain. I have a much more positive outlook on life, sleep better, and have resumed many activities I had given up due to back pain.”
“I’m a logger by trade. I walked into Dr. MacDonald’s office really unsure of the whole thing. Now I’m overwhelmed with how I feel: young, alive, and flexible. I can play with my grandchildren. I highly recommend Dr. MacDonald.”
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“My experience with chiropractic has helped alleviate or reduce my back problem that a regular M.D. could not. Dr MacDonald is also extremely knowledgeable and addresses his patients’ problems with knowledge and understanding.”
“Last year my cholesterol was 210, but the worst part was that my HDL (good cholesterol) was only 29; my ratio was 6.7. Ratios are supposed to be under 5. This year, after consistent supplementation with fish oil, my cholesterol is 179, but the best part is that my HDL is 44; ratio is 4.1. I am told that although it is one thing to lower LDLs (changing diet, and even medication), the only things that can raise HDLs are exercise and omega-3 fatty acids (fish oil). In my case, it certainly wasn’t the exercise. I’m thrilled with the benefits of taking fish oil and plan to keep it as a regular part of my diet..”
Financial Planner


“In the past, my deliveries have been very long and difficult. 1st one resulting in a c-section after 19 hours of labor, second delivery 13 hours with back labor and a 4th degree laceration. My most recent delivery, labor began at 0630, i got to the hospital at 0910 and delivered at 1047 am. 4 amazing hours of labor and delivery with no complications and a minor one stitch repair. I attribute this wonderful experience to receiving adjustments with Dr. MacDonald every 4 weeks up to the 3rd trimester and every 2 weeks up to delivery. Adjacent to adjustments I added massage! I am convinced that consistent treatments and relaxation techniques decreased the time that I spent in labor and the result of an amazing delivery experience with my new daughter!”
“During my 2nd pregnancy I had regular treatment from Dr. MacDonald. The treatments were quick and easy. My 1st pregnancy was well over 20 hours and I was surprised when my second took only 6-7 hours. My labor went great as well as recovery. I definately recommend chiropractic treatment during pregnancy-especially from Dr. MacDonald, who has knowledge and respect for the pregnancy/delivery process”

Treatments for Auto Accident Injuries

“Thank you for the excellent care I received after my car accident. I felt your sincere care for my pain. I appreciate the time you took to explain to me my condition, the course of treatment, and answered all my questions. Your stellar office staff knows my name and always has a smile…a special thanks to all the massage therapists for the intense hands-on. I have already told some friends, who see you now, so there are more of us now walking upright! Thank you!”
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Following a car accident in 2003, I sought chiropractic attention from Dr. MacDonald, D.C., P.C. Not having much experience with chiropractors, I had a lot of initial skepticism. Dr. MacDonald took time to address each of my questions and concerns before and throughout my treatment with him. His vast knowledge and professionalism gained my full trust, as he led my body from pain to health and healing. Dr Garreth MacDonald is a name I would recommend to any one and everyone. If you need a chiropractor, you need Dr. Garreth MacDonald.”
Professional Musician


“I was very pleased with the care I received as well as the outcome of my treatment. I was not promised an over-night ’fix’ but given a carefully planned approach to getting me healthy and pain-free. I would definitely recommend Dr. MacDonald to others seeking Chiropractic treatment.”
HR Coordinator
“Dr. MacDonald is the most concerned, caring, and compassionate and trusting chiropractor I have ever known.”

Work Injuries

“My low back was injured on the job and due to that injury and ongoing occupational stresses, I have had chronic low back pain since 2000. After many trial and error efforts with local chiropractors and physical therapists, I was fortunate enough to find Dr. MacDonald. He has correctly re-aligned my vertebrae and taken the pressure off the nerves which were causing my pain and numbness down my legs, but I think, more importantly, has helped me focus on my day-to-day maintenance with his stretching and exercise program. Thank you Dr. MacDonald.”

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Jennifer Sanders
Jennifer Sanders
20:06 21 Jul 21
My doctor sent in a referral so I could receive massages for my stress headaches, I didn’t hear anything after a week so I called Cascade... Health Center and they stated that they didn’t receive my referral, so I then had my doctors office resend another referral and again they didn’t receive it. I was told by the receptionist or whomever that they were having problems with their fax. So I asked her since they were having problems with their fax if she could get ahold of my doctors office for the referral that they needed. I was told that they couldn’t do that. To me this isn’t customer service or any service of professionalism. I have been waiting over a month now to get into this place only for them to give me excuses.And to the lady I talk to, I have every reason to be upset for having to wait this long and still got nowhere. When I worked in the medical field I went way beyond to help my clients. I learned how to defuse problems not create them, So instead of getting hurt feelings next time why don’t you learn how to defuse a problem. Because of the lack of help you showed, you came across as lazy and uncaring to solve the problem.With this whole experience I would’ve gave them a zero star if It was an option.FYI, I did check with my doctors office both times and they made sure that it said Cascade Health Center. But it’s also the fact that I had called and I Left messages with no return calls. The two times that I did leave messages I included my full name my date of birth and my phone number.But when your office staff says they’ve been having problems with your own fax machine and I made a suggestion of calling my doctors office to resolve the issue of getting my referral and they say they can’t do it says a lot about your office professionalism which lacks greatly. Sorry you felt like your hands were tied on a reasonable suggestion…read more
Jake and Krystle L
Jake and Krystle L
18:50 06 Jul 21
I started going to Dr. Macdonald about 3 years ago and continued to see him during my recent pregnancy. Being active, doing yoga and getting... adjusted regularly helped make the pregnancy journey that much easier. No back pain and a quick recovery. Thanks Dr. Macdonald!read more
Nicole Wood
Nicole Wood
21:03 30 Jun 21
I cannot express how grateful I am to have found this chiropractor. I have had pretty bad back pain for years now, and it took this... chiropractor only a couple of sessions to get to the root of the problem. He is thorough with his examination and explains your issues to you so that you can actually understand what is going on with your back. I went from not being able to walk, stand, or sit up straight without back pain, to now walking a few miles a day and workout like it’s no ones business lol. My lower back doesn’t ache at all. I have seen other chiropractors that adjusted me, but never actually figured out how to make the affects lasting and beneficial. I’m now only having to see him “as needed”, and at this point, I haven’t needed any other assistance. I HIGHLY recommend him, plus the staff is pleasant and more
Chloe Rose
Chloe Rose
21:21 26 Jun 21
Everyone here is very nice and professional. It has really improved my back pain and overall health. I recommend this place to all my friends... and more
Jeffery Egbert
Jeffery Egbert
02:35 29 Apr 21
Amazing and efficient vaccine clinic. Very well set up and all the staff was very friendly. In and out just about as quickly as you could hope... more
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