Professional Therapeutic Massages in Eugene, OR


At the Cascade Health Center, we have a multidisciplinary clinic structure with an emphasis on different therapeutic massages in Eugene, OR.

We include in our services chiropractic treatments, physical, therapeutic exercise, massage, neuromuscular, reeducation and among others. We offer a service that will help you in the long term.

During massage therapy, people’s muscles are manipulated; this helps you with your blood circulation, which improves different parts of your body.

Additionally, it helps you to strengthen your tendons, ligaments, and muscles, among others, producing brain chemicals that allow us to relax, to feel better, and to have a balance if you are stressed or passing through a hard time in your life.

There are different therapies that can be followed depending on the level of your pain.

Therapeutic massages are the most effective ones, for lower back problems or if you have anxiety problems. This helps you if you have any job-related disability and if you don’t want to miss workdays.


Benefits of Therapeutic Massages

  • It can help you to improve your lower back problems. Our massage specialist that are licensed therapist will also recommend lifestyle changes or a plan with exercises that will help you to relieve the pain
  • It helps you to decrease tension and feel more relaxed. This helps you to eliminate any type of pain such as muscle tension, restricted movement, bad posture among others. It increases the level of mobility
  • Increases the level of endorphin, which helps you to reduce anxiety and contribute to decreasing pain and stress
  • It gives you the benefit to increase the blood flow in the affected areas


Cascade Health Center Can Help

We help you to release stress and muscle tension. We provide excellent massage therapy so you can overcome this type of feeling. Below you will have an idea on what Cascade Health Center can help you:

  1. If you are having painful headaches
  2. Sports injuries
  3. Digestive disorders
  4. If you are going through anxiety, panic or stressful situations
  5. If you have problems sleeping (insomnia)
  6. Myofascial pain

Our health professionals are here to help you and give you excellent experience without services.

We give comprehensive care if you want to learn more about us you can always visit and learn from our website or submit your information.