Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVAs) are a common cause of spine injuries. You will often hear specific phrases such as whiplash, herniated discs, and vertebral fractures in relation to neck, midback, and low back pain. But what do these mean?


Whiplash is a general term associated with the motion of the neck during a car accident. The sudden impact force will cause a rapid back and forth motion of the neck, like a whip. Whiplash can cause several different types of injuries such as: -Sprained ligaments of the spine -Strained tendons and muscles of the muscles in and around your neck -Herniated discs -Vertebral fractures -Concussions

You can also experience a myriad of symptoms such as: -Dizziness -Tinnitus (ringing in the ears) -Blurred vision -Headaches -Neck pain and stiffness -Pain/Numbness/Tingling in the shoulders/arms/and or hands -Sleep disturbances and more

Whiplash may be a basic term, but it can absolutely be the the cause of much more serious injuries. It is important to ALWAYS get checked out after an MVA to determine the severity of injuries.

Herniated Discs

The vertebral discs lie between the vertebrae of your spine and act as shock absorbers between the bones. The impact of an MVA can likely cause one or more of these discs to tear or slip. When injury to the disc occurs, it can protrude into your vertebral canal, which can cause pressure on your spinal cord or nerves that run alongside your spine. This can result in any or any combination of the following symptoms: -Pain ranging from mild to severe in intensity -Muscle weakness -Decreased range of motion -Radiating pain into your arms or legs -Numbness -Tingling and more

Vertebral Fracture

At times, the force of a collision can be great enough to actually fracture one of more vertebrae in your spine. It is imperative to seek out treatment as immediate diagnosis and proper treatment can be all the difference in safely recovering from a vertebrae fracture.

If you have been in a car accident and are experiencing pain, your best chance at a full recovery is directly related to being properly diagnosed and treated according to the injuries sustained. I have years of experience in rehabilitative techniques for auto-injuries, and our very own Dr. Garreth MacDonald is “Eugene’s auto injury expert”™. We are well equipped to handle your needs! Call today, 541-343-4343!

Marianne Bryce


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