Massage Therapy for Anxiety. Is it really effective?

Everybody at some point in their lives experiences anxiety; there are different factors that can make us anxious like stress, inadequate sleep, medication side effects, or even as a side effect of a medical illness.

If you have been feeling anxious, a treatment worth trying is Massage Therapy for Anxiety. At Cascade Health Center, our specialists can diagnose if you have an anxiety disorder, or if it’s circumstantial provoked by a situation you are living. Either way, Massage therapy can help reduce your anxiety.


How Can Massage Therapy Help

Massage therapy involves manipulating the muscles by rubbing and pressing different muscle groups. Our specialists use different techniques depending on the diagnosis, plus oils that not only help to work through the body, but that also function as aromatherapy to help you relax.

Massage Therapy helps by:

  • Decreasing Tension: The long hours at the office, bad posture, lack of movement, etc. can cause muscle tension, restricted movement, and pain. As a result, stress can also manifest in feeling anxious. Massage therapy helps loosen the tension and relax the muscles; eliminating the pain and increasing mobility, will make you feel less anxious.
  • Increases Endorphins: Massage therapy helps increase endorphin levels, which help reduce anxiety and promote happiness, contributing to reduce pain and tension too.
  • Increases Blood Flow: The muscle manipulation helps increase blood flow in the affected areas and can encourage healing. Feeling relaxed helps reduced anxiety levels.
  • Relaxing through Aromatherapy: The oils used by the therapist, plus the music, it all helps to create a peaceful and relaxing environment.

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Massage therapy for anxiety is effective. Many of our patients seek massage therapy for a greater sense of wellness and harmony.

Some of the massage services include relaxation massage, therapeutic massage, medical massage, sports massage, and pregnancy massage.

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If you need or want to try also other types of therapies like acupuncture, chiropractic treatments, and more, you can get them all here at the center.