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Acupuncture is the insertion of sterile, single-use needles into various points on the body to promote its normal functioning and relieve pain. It has been used for thousands of years to treat physical and mental/emotional conditions. At Cascade Health Center, many of our patients come in seeking treatment for physical trauma following a car accident, but are also dealing with related emotional trauma as well. This is a prime example of a scenario that can improve with acupuncture's ability to treat body, mind, and spirit.

Rebecca Harburg, MAcOM, LAc

Rebecca Harburg

As the daughter of two physicians, Rebecca grew up in a very “medical” household, but she didn’t mind. On the contrary, she enjoyed hearing her parents use medical terms, even if she didn’t know what all of them meant (which, to the alarm of her second grade teacher, didn’t stop her from using names like Mr. Fallopian Tube in creative writing assignments). Rebecca heard about more than just anatomy in her parents’ discussions, however. She also heard about the limitations of biomedicine.

One such limitation was the distinction between mental/emotional health and physical health. Rebecca experienced this personally as an adolescent when she became a patient in a biomedical treatment program operating under the assumption that the cessation of her physical symptoms would correspond to that of her emotional distress as well. While she still had her sights set on practicing integrative medicine, in which different modalities work together, Rebecca started to explore so-called complementary options (she would argue that, in the true spirit of collaboration, all brands of medicine classify as “complementary”).

Rebecca’s enthusiasm for integrative medicine fueled the independent study project she conducted while studying abroad in India during her junior year at Colorado College. She visited a number of healthcare centers in the foothills of the Himalayas, witnessing the harmonious alliance between Ayurvedic medicine and biomedicine. This inspired her to look seriously into the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in her native city of Portland, Oregon. She matriculated straight out of college, having majored in anthropology and minored in Spanish, and graduated three years later with a Master in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.

Rebecca practices the full scope of Chinese medicine, including acupuncture, herbs, bodywork, moxibustion, and qigong. For explanations of these modalities, please see her website.

In her spare time, Rebecca enjoys trying to keep up with her husband on their runs together, permissibly cheating on him in her love-hate relationship with Vivaldi while playing violin, and walking her labradoodle that would please like to sleep in the bed with the humans.