Deep Tissue Massage Therapist in Eugene, OR 

Deep tissue massage is a popular massage technique used mainly to treat injuries such as strains or sports injuries. Massage therapy has become more than just a relaxation technique, and is now accepted as an important part of treating many injuries. Deep tissue massage breaks up scar tissue at the deepest level of the muscles by applying slow, deep pressure, and also improves blood flow and inflammation which helps in recovery as well. It’s an excellent therapy for those who constantly exercise and exercise hard. If your muscles are feeling tight, sore, and tired, deep tissue massage is for you.

Unlike other massage types, deep tissue massage therapy focuses on recovery, not relaxation, and patients report improvements with back pain especially. If you have a low pain threshold, it may not be for you, but for sports injuries especially it is an excellent option. Deep tissue massage therapy is also a great compliment for physical therapy provided by our chiropractor, as it’s restorative in nature and promotes recovery. Both will work very well together for your body’s recovery.

Deep tissue massage therapy also appears to help with:

If you’re pregnant or are on blood thinners, reach out to us and we’ll tell you if we can recommend deep tissue massage, or if a different massage therapy would be a better fit for you and your situation. Cascade Health Center offers a wide variety of massage services and we can easily find the perfect massage therapy to fit your needs and injury or wellness goals.


Cascade Health Center in Eugene has two licensed massage therapists who are here to cater to your needs. Both are licensed to practice in Oregon and specialize in deep tissue massage therapy along with several other techniques.

If you’re suffering from muscle pain caused by sports or exercise, or from muscle tension, deep tissue massage therapy may be an excellent choice for you. Some patients have even experienced immediate relief. Visit our site and make an appointment for your first visit.