Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic Care Eugene Oregon Chiropractor

Dr. Garreth MacDonald focuses his chiropractic adjustments on normalizing joint mechanics so that the spine and nervous system as a whole can function without interference. It is his goal to help optimize health and wellness for every patient he sees.


Types of Chiropractic Techniques Utilized 

  • Activator Modified
  • Gonstead
  • Diversified
  • Thompson Drop and Modified
  • Flexion/Distraction
  • Bilateral Nasal Specific Technique

Outside Consultations

Our clinic works with a wide range of health care practitioners. In situations where a consultation from another professional is indicated, our Patient Relations staff will coordinate the referral for you. Typical referrals include:

  • Neurology Consult
  • Orthopedic Consult
  • General Medical
  • Psychological Consult
  • Chronic Pain Clinics

Testimonials for Dr. Garreth MacDonald


“In the past, my deliveries have been very long and difficult. First one resulting in a c-section after 19 hours of labor, second delivery 13 hours with back labor and a fourth degree laceration. My most recent delivery, labor began at 0630, I got to the hospital at 0910 and delivered at 1047 am. Four amazing hours of labor and delivery with no complications and a minor one-stitch repair. I attribute this wonderful experience to receiving adjustments with Dr. MacDonald every four weeks up to the third trimester and every two weeks up to delivery. Adjacent to adjustments I added massage! I am convinced that consistent treatments and relaxation techniques decreased the time that I spent in labor and resulted in an amazing delivery experience with my new daughter!” ~WSJ~

“During my second pregnancy I had regular treatment from Dr. MacDonald. The treatments were quick and easy. My first pregnancy was well over 20 hours and I was surprised when my second took only six-seven hours. My labor went great as well as recovery. I definitely recommend chiropractic treatment during pregnancy, especially from Dr. MacDonald, who has knowledge and respect for the pregnancy/delivery process.” ~JVSC~


“Dear Dr. MacDonald—I want to thank you for your sending me a copy of your Pain Society of Oregon presentation (I’d say the best presentation since I’ve been a PSO member). Thanks again”. ~BS, LMT~


“My daughter was diagnosed with scoliosis in 2005 at five years old and was referred to Shriners Children’s Hospital. They had her in a brace nightly for three-four years. It [the curve] got worse by 2010, so they switched her to an all-day brace and she was to wear it for 20-22 hours a day. She still did not show any improvement with the brace. Dr. MacDonald started treating her March 15, 2010. The curves in her back were in the 30+ degrees when he started. After four months of three times per week treatment, they [the curves] decreased to 24 degrees and the appearance of her back improved also. (During this time she very rarely, if ever, wore her brace!) He did chiropractic, stretches, and other manipulation. We are grateful for all he and his staff have done for us and could never say thank you enough. Words cannot express how grateful and thankful we are! Thank you for all your work and commitment!” ~EH~