Car Accidents Chiropractor in Eugene

If you have suffered a car accident, it’s essential you get checked, even if you are not in pain.

There are a lot of people that end up with whiplash injuries after a car accident. Within days of the accident, they may experience a decreased range of motion, pain, headaches, and tightness around the neck and shoulders.

At Cascade Health Center, we are experts in detecting and treating car accident injuries in Eugene.


Chiropractic Adjustments After A Car Accidents

One of the best treatments you can receive after a car accident is chiropractic adjustments. A chiropractor revises the state of your neck and checks for whiplash injury.

While doctors prescribe painkillers to relieve your pain, you can benefit from chiropractic adjustments to help heal mild and severe injuries without the use of drugs. A car accident chiropractor performs adjustments to relieve the pressure on the muscles and nerves, and also aligns back the spine.

Additionally, we may send you some exercises to practice at home so that you can recover faster.

Early Diagnosis Can Prevent Long Term Chronic Injuries

Waiting for the pain to appear can only aggravate your injury. We’ve had patients in Eugene that visited us with neck pain without being sure of the cause, and had found out it was related to a car accident that happened a long time ago.

We help your body by supporting its natural healing process; the early diagnosis and treatment can avoid complications in the future.

On your first visit, the doctor will perform a physical examination, and depending on his findings, he might send additional exams like an x-ray.

All tests and exams get performed at the Cascade Health Center. As a multidisciplinary center, we count with different tools, specialists for different types of treatments, and exams.

Your Decision Can Determine Your Health In The Future

So don’t wait and visit us at the Cascade Health Center. Even if you don’t have injuries, you’ll get the peace of mind of being okay and receive a relaxing chiropractic adjustment session to feel like new.