The Breathing Treatment That Will Change Your Life

The human body needs essential things such as eating, sleeping, drinking water, and, most importantly, breathing to live.

A human being can go for more than three weeks without food, two to three days without water, and about eleven consecutive days without sleep. The next question is, how much time can a body resist without breathing? Just by the minute without breathing, our brain cells already begin to die.

At Cascade Health Center, we’re a breathe treatment center in Eugene that offers multiple therapies to improve your health and well-being. We’ll teach you to breathe consciously and help you improve your health, reduce stress, anxiety, and have a better sleep.


Breathing Exercises And Techniques

Through conscious breathing, we can fully benefit our health and our mental state. We can go from feeling anxious to being calm in a matter of minutes. This and many other excellent outcomes are possible thanks to proper conscious breathing.

At Cascade Health Center, our therapists will teach you how to perform each technique depending on your needs and goals.

Diaphragmatic Breathing

Breathing has a tight relationship with our mind and body. By controlling our breath, we can adequately manage stress and therefore reduce it. Our diaphragm plays an essential role when it comes to breathing.

Diaphragmatic breathing re-balances the automatic nervous system, reducing heart rate, breathing rate, and changing from a sympathetic to a parasympathetic state.

Chest Breathing

This breathing technique is accomplished through an upward and outward movement of the chest. It can be extremely beneficial when applied correctly. It helps relieve the prolapse of the lower trunk’s internal organs, allowing the lungs to become fully inflated and free up the joints of the ribs, the upper back, and the neck.

Spinal Circular Breathing

This type of breathing is beneficial for bringing blood to intervertebral joints. First, inhaling into the chest and then down the front of the body helps relieve the prolapse of the internal organs. This removes the pressure of the intestines, reproductive organs, the bladder, and also improves blood carriage to the heart.

The Health Results You Will Notice

Who would have thought that by breathing, we can be in charge of our bodies? And, most importantly, control it to improve our health and enhance our well-being.

At Cascade Health Center in Eugene, we’ll successfully help you achieve countless health benefits.