Exceptional Auto Injury Chiropractic in Eugene, OR

As you may know, most of the bones of the body are connected to each other through only one joint. Knuckle, ligaments, and muscles move the bones at the joints. If there were a bad design because of one single joint, this would not allow the spine to have stability or freedom of motion.

Whenever this happens, either because of a small cause or something bigger such as a car accident, it’s time to visit a chiropractor.

At Cascade Health Center, we offer auto injury chiropractic in Eugene, OR, which is a safe alternative to treat this type of symptoms through medical massages. Through these massages, your injured muscles or dislocated joints can be adjusted helping you to improve and decrease the pain.

There are a lot of benefits from chiropractic treatment. The majority of people that have bad posture or an injury surely get better with a short period.

We also give some adjustments that work for the prevention of injuries, as we all providing some recommendations for your health problems.


Read It From Our Clients’ Experiences

“Throughout the years I blamed many things for my headaches and muscle pain, also suffering from ligaments. My family doctor told me that I was just very sensitive to pain and put me on three different medications, which didn’t help. I couldn’t handle my muscle pains anymore and called Dr. MacDonald as a ‘last resort’. He fixed me and recommended chiropractic treatment. I feel great!”

-J.D. (available for reference)

“Our 15 year old daughter woke up one morning with a knee pain that lasted for almost 6 months. After a couple of treatments with chiropractic, we started seeing an improvement. We slowly took her off of the medication and continued chiropractic treatment for several months. Four days after her last pill, our daughter informed us that her pain was gone.

We were very skeptical about using a chiropractor, but in our daughter’s case, it was the only thing that relieved her pain. Needless to say, we are no longer skeptical. We are very thankful and grateful for being referred to Dr. MacDonald. He is excellent with children and puts 110% into his patients. I would highly recommend him and his treatment to my friends and family.”

-T.G., full-time mom (available for reference)