Natural Injury Rehab

Many situations in our day to day activities can cause injuries, like lifting something in the wrong way or even picking up a child. Either if you have suffered a minor injury or a severe one, there are natural and non-invasive treatments that can help you recover and ease the pain.

Cascade Health Center is a natural injury rehab center in Eugene, Oregon. We are experts in natural treatments such as chiropractic care, acupuncture, and massage therapy.

If you are looking for a different and personalized approach to treat your pain and discomfort, contact us today.


Personalized & Drug-Free Treatments

We are a multidisciplinary clinic. When you visit us, one of our doctors will evaluate you and perform different physical tests to determine the type and level of your injury, he then assesses on what is the best treatment or combination of procedures to follow.

We have hundreds of patients that visit us from many cities and who are willing to travel long distances for the effectiveness of our treatments and to decrease the need for medications.

Check out what a couple of our patients said on Google reviews about us:

| “Before I started seeing Dr. MacDonald my back and hips hurt everyday and always had headaches. He did x-rays and found one leg shorter than the other, he put a lift in my shoe and aligned my back and within the first couple of times my headache went away and back and hips don’t hurt anymore.

The staff there are great people also. – John Hiding”

| “Dr MacDonald is great! Have been to other chiropractors in different cities (move around often) and he has been one of the best. He is very thorough at understanding the issues and pains of the body and getting to the causes. I’mI’m just 3 visits he has found and is working on correcting some imbalances that have never been caught by any other practitioners. – Clint Wagner”

Get Treated By The Best

Dr. MacDonald, our founder, cares deeply for his patients and makes sure there’s clear communication from the start. All of our staff are friendly and ready to answer questions.

There is a drug-free and healthier solution to your pain; many of our patients with chronic pain have ditched the medications after getting their back aligned.